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5 Oct 2010

*This is a sample of Sk8Strong's periodization recommendations from the Sk8Strong manual.

It is important for a skater to organize his or her skating season into time periods, such as off-season, pre-season, in-season, and a rest period. A skater’s off-ice training program may differ in each phase of the season. It is impossible to develop the same training season for every level of skater, as some skaters’ seasons peak at regionals, others peak at nationals, others skate recreationally, and others may compete in open competitions year round. Below are some recommended off-ice training periodization schedules for different types of skaters. You may also refer to sample periodization schedules on the US Figure Skating website(www.usfigureskating.org)
*Please note that every skater, no matter what level, should perform flexibility exercises year round at least four times a week to maximize muscle elasticity and flexibility. Taper your workouts in the 1 ½ weeks before a competition. Do not perform plyometrics 1 week before a competition.

Competitive Skater, National caliber
1. Rest phase: January-February: Rotate strengthening circuits 2x/week. Plyometrics completed every other week, 1x/week. Cardio/aerobic exercise 20-30 minutes, 1-2x/week
2. Off season: March-June: Rotate strengthening circuits 3-4x/week. Plyometrics 1-2x/week.
Cardio/aerobic exercise 20-30 minutes, 2-3x/week
3. Pre-season/summer training through September: Rotate strengthening circuits 2-3x/week. Plyometrics 1-2x/week. Cardio/aerobic exercise 20-30 minutes 1-2x/week.
*Can decrease cardio if skater is completing multiple program run-throughs on-ice.
4. In-season: October-Nationals: Rotate circuits 2x/week. Plyometrics 1x/week. Cardio: none off-ice. Complete program run-throughs per training program

Competitive Skater, training for regionals
Instructions for circuit rotation, plyometrics, and cardio remain the same as above.

Training seasons differ as follows:
1. Rest phase: November-December
2. Off season: January-May/June
3. Pre-season: May/June- August
4. In-season: August-October

Adult Skater, training for regionals/nationals
Instructions for circuit rotation, plyometrics, and cardio remain the same as above.

Training seasons differ as follows:
1. Rest phase: April-May/June
2. Off season: June-December
3. Pre-season: January-February
4. In-season: March-April

Lower level skater or recreational skater:
Follow instructions of circuit rotation for “Developing the Youth Skater.” Since a developing skater does not have a set training season, it is important to continuously build strength to reach possible goals of becoming a regional or national skater. Cardio recommendation: 1-2x/week of 15- 20 minutes.