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Become a Sk8Strong Affiliate!

Sk8Strong can help you earn money by promoting Sk8Strong off-ice training products, with the smallest amount of work possible!  Join the Sk8Strong team in helping thousand of skaters across the world maximize their skating potential by sport specific training.  If you are an online marketer, have a website or blog, or even a simple email account, it is easy to earn revenue by promoting Sk8Strong through online marketing campaigns, banners, emails, newsletters, and more!  If you are a skating club representative, earn money for your skating club or rink by signing on your club to become a Sk8Strong affiliate!

Sk8Strong DVD products have been officially endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association, one of the most respected organizations in the skating world.  Therefore, you know you are promoting a quality product.  Thousands of skaters from more than 45 countries currently incorporate Sk8Strong programs into their training routines, and that list continues to grow.

What is an affiliate program, and how does it work?

An affiliate program is a web-based referral system where you can refer people to www.sk8strong.com  with a special code. When you do so, and someone purchases a product on our website, you'll receive a commission for each sale. When you sign-up for the Sk8Strong affiliate program below, you'll be authorized to promote Sk8Strong programs through your newsletter, email, or other on-line marketing programs.  For example: You display a Sk8Strong banner or link on your website or in an email, and a customer clicks on it and reaches www.sk8strong.com.  If that customer makes a purchase, you receive commission for that sale!  Simple and easy!  You can easily track your sales through our affiliate website.

How much will I earn?

All commissions start at 15% of each sale.  As your referrals grow, you will continue to increase your earning potential.  After every five sales, your commission will grow an additional 5% to a maximum of 30%!  For example, after you have referred five sales, your commission will reset at 20%.  After the next five sales, it will reset at 25%.  After you have made just twenty referrals, your commission will be set at 30% for as long as you continue to be an affiliate!  Amazing earnings potential!

It is completely free to sign up to become a Sk8Strong affiliate, and there are no obligations involved!  Promote Sk8Strong as often or little as possible; you will reap the rewards by increasing your sales!

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