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'Game On' Manual

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Set your coaching apart with this manual of competitive coaching games written by Olympic coach Kori Ade and Master Rated coach Ryan Jahnke. Included are 24 games that will provide fresh excitement to your lessons, get skaters out of emotional ruts, build a sense of "team" among your skaters, and develop new skills that can give your skaters a competitive advantage. Some of the games can be completed within one lesson and others will challenge students over time.

Here is a short list of some of the challenges in this powerful manual:


Pyramid of Spin Awesomeness- motivates skaters to strengthen basic spin positions and develop new features

Challenge the Champions- let your skaters compete against their skating idols when they were their age!

Dancing with the Stars Performance Challenge- gives skaters a safe environment to get out of their boxes and improve their levels of performance

Charity Skate- allows skaters to raise money for their favorite charity while repeating new elements successfully

Candy Cane Jump Challenge- get skaters to progressively increase speed into jumps and landing quality

Survivor Team Challenge- earn tribal beads for their teams and let them cheer each other on with challenging jump exercises

Rotation Exercises- get your skaters to rotate more efficiently and quickly

Arm Rotating Position Challenge- have your skaters attempt jumps in many different air positions to increase their GOE

The Dice is Right- consequences or rewards...it is up to the skaters how well they step up to the plate

Skating Quality "Superstar" Challenge- skaters earn their way from a "pedestrian" to a "superstar" status by turning great skating skills into a habit

You will receive a custom printed 3-ring binder with easy to photocopy handouts to use for each game. Also included are full instructions, tips for success, and coaching insights that illuminate the sports psychology behind each challenge. Strengthen your client retention and attract new potential students by showing you care enough to put in the extra effort to make training fun for your skaters!