Sk8Strong DVD Bulk Order Form

Sk8Strong offers DVDs at a discounted price for bulk orders for synchro teams, clubs, or rinks. Pricing in US dollars per DVD is as follows:

*Sk8strong accepts credit card orders from non-US banks

5-10 DVDs (any title or combination of titles): 25% discount= $29.95 per DVD

11-20 DVDs: 30% discount= $27.95 per DVD

21+ DVDs: 35% discount= $25.95 per DVD

*For wholesale pricing for skateshops and online distributors, over 30+ DVDs, please call for pricing

Shipping charges are as follows:

5-10 DVDs: US $9.95/order,  Canada $14.95/order,  International $19.95/order

11-20 DVDs: US $14.95/order,  Canada $19.95/order, International $24.95/order

21+ DVDs: US $19.95/order,  Canada $24.95/order,  International $29.95/order


Name of club/rink/synchro team: ___________________________________________

Quantity of DVDs ordered:

Competitive Skater ___________________      Adult Training _____________________

Developing the Youth Skater _____________   Dynamic Warmup _________________

Core Stabilty Training _____________

Price of each DVD _____________ x # of DVDs ______________= ________________

Total price + shipping charges= ____________________________

Method of payment: Certified check _________

                                     Paypal     ______________

                                     Credit Card ____________

*Please contact Lauren at Sk8Strong @ (413)262-7053 for credit card orders.  Paypal orders can be paid directly through paypal to, and forms emailed to the same address. Certified checks can be sent directly to Sk8Strong with order form to: Sk8Strong, c/o Lauren Downes, 172 Cambridge Circle., Longmeadow MA 01106, USA

Shipping address: ___________________________________________



Contact person and contact email address: ___________________________________________________________