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Sk8Strong DVD Bulk Order Form

Sk8Strong offers DVDs at a discounted price for bulk orders for synchro teams, clubs, or rinks. Pricing in US dollars per DVD is as follows:

*Sk8strong accepts credit card orders from non-US banks

5-10 DVDs (any title or combination of titles): 25% discount= $29.95 per DVD

11-20 DVDs: 30% discount= $27.95 per DVD

21+ DVDs: 35% discount= $25.95 per DVD

*For wholesale pricing for skateshops and online distributors, over 30+ DVDs, please call for pricing

Shipping charges are as follows:

5-10 DVDs: US $9.95/order,  Canada $14.95/order,  International $19.95/order

11-20 DVDs: US $14.95/order,  Canada $19.95/order, International $24.95/order

21+ DVDs: US $19.95/order,  Canada $24.95/order,  International $29.95/order


Name of club/rink/synchro team: ___________________________________________

Quantity of DVDs ordered:

Competitive Skater ___________________      Adult Training _____________________

Developing the Youth Skater _____________   Dynamic Warmup _________________

Core Stabilty Training _____________

Price of each DVD _____________ x # of DVDs ______________= ________________

Total price + shipping charges= ____________________________

Method of payment: Certified check _________

                                     Paypal     ______________

                                     Credit Card ____________

*Please contact Lauren at Sk8Strong @ (413)262-7053 for credit card orders.  Paypal orders can be paid directly through paypal to lauren@sk8strong.com, and forms emailed to the same address. Certified checks can be sent directly to Sk8Strong with order form to: Sk8Strong, c/o Lauren Downes, 172 Cambridge Circle., Longmeadow MA 01106, USA

Shipping address: ___________________________________________



Contact person and contact email address: ___________________________________________________________