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The Skater Evaluation DVD and Manual Package

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"The Skater Evaluation" was created as a tool for coaches, parents, fitness professionals, and skaters to assess a skater's muscle weaknesses and flexibility deficits.  Included is a catalog of over twenty assessment exercises to evaluate a skater's upper body, core, and lower body strength and flexibility.  Once you have determined the skater's deficits, you can proceed to a catalog of over twenty corrective exercises to improve upon your findings.  Simple to follow and easy to apply, these tests and exercises will give you the knowledge of how to correct musculoskeletal problems that limit a skater's ability to perform jumps, spins, and footwork.   Skaters of all levels may use this DVD to improve their skating skills and awareness of what their bodies are capable of!

What's even better?? Not only do you receive "The Skater Evaluation" DVD; you will receive a bonus companion manual (in pdf format)  with pictures and descriptions of every test and exercise.  And there's more: The manual includes a list of muscles and joints tested, and exactly which skating skills and moves they affect.  Apply what you've learned in the tests, and automatically relate your findings to jumps, spin positions, and more!

Evaluate a skater's:

  • lower extremity alignment
  • hip flexor, hamstring, quadricep, hip external rotation, hip flexion,  shoulder rotation, shoulder flexion, spine, and IT Band mobility
  • core strength in numerous tests
  • gluteus  medius, glute, lower trapezius, back, hip flexor, hamstring, hip addutor,  and quadriceps strength

Figure out why you or your skater(s) have trouble extending into a certain spin position, holding a jump landing, fixing a lutz or flip leg kick, achieving a biellman or layback position, or maintaining alignment on a jump takeoff.  Immediately remedy these problems by having the skater perform the necessary corrective exercises.  Notice the difference in a skater's technique in even a few weeks!

Use this evaluation in conjunction with our original series of strength training and warmup DVDs to create the most efficient program for you skater!

*PDF Manual will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your order