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Advanced Competitive Training

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The "Advanced Competitive Training" DVD was created for the athlete who has mastered Sk8Strong's "Competitive Skater" or "Adult Training" DVD and is looking to further their workout program with the most challenging and skating training specific exercises on the market.  Included in this DVD are two separate circuits, 25-40 minutes in length, that give a skater a full body workout, including upper body, lower body, and core functional exercises.  We have also included a BONUS section for those interested in using the TRX or jungle gym training straps: a tough and fun workout to make the most out of your fitness routine! (Please note that you do not need the training straps for this DVD, only if you wish to use the bonus section.)

It is not recommended that you purchase this DVD unless you have reached the highest progressions in "Adult Training" or "The Competitive Skater", unless you are of a very high fitness level and experienced with functional training.  Or, purchase this DVD in conjunction with Adult Training or the Competitive Skater to prepare for your exercise progression.