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Sk8Strong Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters Manual (full color downloadable version)

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Sk8Strong Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters Manual includes pictures and full descriptions of every exercise included in every DVD.  Use the manual as a reference in addition to Sk8Strong DVDs as you bring it to the rink or gym.  What other bonuses are included in the Sk8Strong manual?

  • Exercise progressions for every level of skater
  • Training schedule recommendations and periodization tips
  • Bonus skill analysis, injury reports, and off-ice training articles.
  • Exercise Training Log                                               

  Learn how to improve your functional strength, balance, core strength, single leg stability, and jump height through lower and upper body functional strengthening exercises, core stabilization exercises, plyometrics, and more!  Start with the basics and improve until you reach the highest level of each exercise.  The exercises can be done with or without equipment.  By incorporating 1/2 foam rolls, physio and medicine balls, sport cords, and balance boards into your routine, your training program can reach it's highest level of difficulty.

The manual is available in downloadable format, and will be sent to you following your order!  This version is for printers that use both black and colored ink.  *Paypal full confirmation of payment may take up to 24 hours.  For the hard copy version of the Sk8Strong manual, please look in our product catalog.

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