You may use exercise equipment right in the comfort of your own home if you choose to take your training program to the next level. Instead of purchasing a gym membership, do your exercises right in your own living room! Please note that the majority of equipment is not required, but it will enhance your training routine. Many training tools can be found inexpensively at Job Lot, Ebay, TJ Maxx,, or through Perform Better. A recommended equipment list is included with each Sk8Strong video.

You may think of it as a large expense, yet think of how much you are paying for lessons, or how much you would pay for 1 hour with a personal trainer: at least $40. Continually watch Sk8Strong videos for qualified instruction over and over for a fraction of the cost!

Developing the Youth Skater: Sport cord or theraband, light dumbells

The Competitive Skater and Adult Training: sport cord or theraband, 55 or 65 cm physioball, dumbells, medicine ball (optional), sliding discs (*available for purchase in Sk8Strong catalog), 1/2 foam roll or balance board or dynadisc

The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup: Cylinder foam roll (only if you choose to do the additional foam roll warmup exercises, which are not required), theraband loop for one exercise only