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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our DVDs, products, website, etc?  Hopefully you can find the answer here!  If you can't find the answer to your question, please email Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com

Which DVD is appropriate for me/my skater?

All of the information about this question is included in the chart on the bottom of our homepage or www.sk8strong.com/dvds.html.  Please email us if you don't fit exactly into an age/level category, and we should be able to help you choose the appropriate DVD.

What is the difference between "The Competitive Skater" and "Adult Training"?  I don't want the Adult DVD to be too easy for me...

There are more plyometric exericses instructed in the Competitive DVD,  as it is not appropriate for an adult skater to be completing excessive dryland jumping.  There are only slight variations in some of the other exercises, yet both DVDs can be progressed to a highly advanced level to challenge a skater.  The beauty of each DVD is that each includes progressions of exercises to cater to every level of ability.

How often do I/does my skater have to exercise?

Every skater's schedule is different.  Some skaters do other sports in different seasons, some are recreational skaters, and others train on the ice 5-6 days/week.  Sk8Strong recommendas completing a Sk8Strong circuit workout at least two days per week, and the number increases the more competitive you are.  Sk8Strong is happy to develop a training program for you to coordinate it with your schedule, at no cost with purchase of a DVD.  Your training program will be designed to be meet your own individual goals.

What type of media player can I play the ipod/mp4 videos on? Are they downloadable?

The ipod videos are compatible with any media player that plays mp4 files, including ipads and tablets.  They are not downloadable, as the files are too large for our server.  The files are shipped to you on CD.

How do I get the $10 discount for purchasing multiple DVDs? It doesn't automatically show up in my shopping cart.

Scroll down in our DVD catalog to the 'Create Your Own' DVD sets.  The $10 discount for each additional DVD is automatically built into the price.  This is also explained at the top of the catalog page and our DVD info page.

My shopping cart appears empty or freezes when I add an item, why?

Explanations to all shopping cart questions can be found at www.sk8strong.com/shoppingcarthelp.html.  Most problems are easily solvable!

I am purchasing the membership plus other item in my shopping cart, but don't know how to get the membership discount.  How do I get the discount code?

Please purchase the membership first.  Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing your discount code as well as instructions to enter the membership page.

Are Sk8Strong DVDs compatible with European DVD players?

Sk8Strong DVDs are NTSC player compatible, not PAL player compatible.  Customers overseas will purchase either the DVD and play it on a computer, or the mp4 video version to play on a media player. Same quality video!

How many days will it take to ship internationally?  Can I  track my package?

We ship from the US by first class international mail, which typically takes 6-10 business days.  First class mail cannot be tracked.  If you would like your DVDs shipped by priority mail or express mail, which are faster and can be tracked, please contact us by email to arrange shipment.

I ordered a downloadable product.  How do I receive my purchase?

Within minutes of placing your order by credit card, you will receive an email with instructions of how to obtain your downloadable materials.  If you have paid via paypal, please allow 24 hours for confirmation of payment, then you will be emailed a link about your product.

My credit card was declined, yet I know that there are no problems with my account.  Why was it declined?

Make sure that you enter a billing address that exactly matches the address associated with your credit card account.  It may be declined if the address does not match.