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                               Here's what professionals and skaters have to say about Sk8Strong....

"As a Physical Therapist and mom to an Ice skating daughter, I was searching for off Ice training aids when I found Sk8strong.com. My goal is to allow my daughter and others I treat in the Ice Skating world to learn safe techniques and exercises to prevent injuries. Wow, I love all the videos as they are so specific to the sport and they are even helping this 50 year old (who is new to Ice Skating) get stronger. I can't recommend your videos enough. The focus on the core and exercises for the competitive skater are a must have for all skaters. The off ice traing for the adult skater was a great addition to my work out!!  Thanks for all you produce. Maybe your next one should be  off Ice Stretches. Keep up the great info." - Chloe Sluis, PT, owner of "Hands With Heart Physical Therapy", mom to an ice skater, and herself an adult skater.

"Lauren, congratulations in creating the one and only series of off-ice instructional DVD's for figure skaters!  Beyond being sport-specific and supported by all of our medical literature, you found a unique way to create separate videos for "The Youth Skater", "The Competitive Skater" and "The Adult Skater".  It is essential that skaters follow this type of sports-specific conditioning to maximize their true potential on the ice and ultimately prevent injury and promote longevity to their skating career.  Every skater that is serious about the sport should have one of your DVD's."  -David Lipetz, Physical Therapist/Off-Ice Specialist and creator of the Off-Ice Edge



*Please note that the main difference between "The Competitive Skater" and "Adult Training" is the injury prevention instructions in the Adult DVD, and the plyometric exercises in the Competitive DVD.  Do not associate the word "Adult" with easier.



Learn to Skate Program Skater, age 7 or above

Beginner-Preliminary level, age 7 or above Recreational skater of any age who is new to exercise Competitive skater, pre-juvenile to senior level Skater of any level who is experienced with fitness training Competitive or Recreational Adult skater under age 30

Competitive or Recreational Adult skater over age 30

Competitive Ice Dancer
Developing  the Youth Skater X X X          
The Competitive Skater       X X X               
Adult Training           X X X (no need for plyometrics)
The Ultimate Dynamic Warm-Up X X X X X X X X 
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