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Sk8Strong Digital Download Catalog

 Welcome to Sk8Strong's collection of mp4-compatible videos.  Take your Sk8Strong video to the rink, gym, or anywhere you please by viewing it directly on your smartphone, tablet, or mp4 player.  These videos are exactly the same as Sk8strong's DVD collection, only in an mp4 compatible format.  You will be shared your video(s) through google drive once purchased, along with the same instructions you would receive with your DVD.  Digital download files are also available for purchase in addition to the same DVD for only $5 extra.  For the DVD/download combination packages, please return to the main catalog.

*Please note that the digital downloads are not instantly downloadable, as the files are too large for our server.  They will be shared through google drive within 24 hours of purchase.


"The Competitive Skater" Digital Download

 At the levels which a skater is asked to perform double and triple jumps, numerous spin variations, and intricate footwork, a skater must possess significant core strength, lower extremity stability, muscular power, and endurance. "The Competitive Skater" will take your off-ice training to a new level to achieve the strength necessary to move to the next level and beyond....


"The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup" Digital Download

In “The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup,” skaters of all levels and ages will learn a pre-competition and pre-practice warmup that will prepare every muscle for the demands of skating. There are over thirty exericses to choose from, and detailed instruction of technique is provided for each exercise.  Gone are the days of static stretching- dynamic exercise has proven to be the most effective way to increase mobility. The exercises can even be performed on a daily basis, even if you're not a skater!


"Adult Training" Digital Download

Finally, a figure skating product that is created specifically for the adult skater!  We all know that figure skating takes a toll on the body, and it is even more difficult for adult skaters to remain healthy and injury free as they are training.  "Adult Training" provides a comprehensive off-ice training program that will reduce risk of injury, improve skating skills, and give a skater the strength and power of a younger skater that they never thought they could acheive!  But don't associate the word 'adult' with easy.  The levels of each exercise can be progressed from simple to very challenging, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself.


"Developing the Youth Skater: Digital Download

A developing young skater does not naturally possess the balance, coordination, strength, and movement patterns necessary for the mastery of basic skating skills, jumps, and spins.  "Developing the Youth Skater" has all of the tools to improve upon these areas to become a better skater and athlete.


"Core Stability Training" Digital Download

Figure skating is a sport that requires an intense amount of core stability and strength.  Without core stability, a skater would have difficulty centering spins, completing footwork patterns, and most important: landing and rotating jumps.  This video includes a core exercise program that will take you from beginner to advanced stabilization exericises which will improve upon all of the above and more.


The Skater Evaluation Digital Download and manual package

 "The Skater Evaluation was created as a tool for coaches, parents, fitness professionals, and skaters to assess a skaters' muscle weaknesses and flexibility imbalances. Included is a catalog of over twenty assessment exercises to evaluate a skater's core, upper body, and lower body strength and flexibility. Once you have determined the skater's deficits, you can proceed to a catalog of over twenty corrective exercises to improve on your findings. Simple to follow and easy to apply, these tests and exercises will give you the knowledge of how to correct musculoskeletal problems that limit a skater's ability to perform jumps, spins, and footwork. Skaters of all levels may use this DVD to improve their skating skills and awareness of what their bodies are capable of.  REad mn   


Advanced Competitive Training Digital Download

The "Advanced Competitive Training" DVD was created for the athlete who has mastered Sk8Strong's "Competitive Skater" or "Adult Training" DVD and is looking to further their workout program with the most challenging and skating training specific exercises on the market. Included in this DVD are two separate circuits, 25-40 minutes in length, that give a skater a full body workout, including upper body, lower body, and core functional exercises. We have also included a BONUS section for those interested in using the TRX or jungle gym training straps: a tough and fun workout to make the most out of your fitness routine! (Please note that you do not need the training straps for this DVD, only if you wish to use the bonus section.) 


Create your own Sk8Strong 2-Digital Download set

Add "The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup" to any other Sk8Strong video to create a comprehensive workout routine that includes strength and conditioning exercises, flexibility exercises, and a warmup to take your training to the next level. Or, combine any two videos to create your own Sk8Strong package.  Save $10 on the 2nd video by purchasing them as a set.


Create your own Sk8Strong 3-Digital Download set

Choose any three Sk8Strong videos to create your own set.  Buy the first video at retail price of $34.95 and get the next two videos for $25each, for a savings of $20!


Sk8Strong Premium 4-Digital Download Set

Sk8Strong's Premium 4 video set includes all four Sk8Strong video products: "Developing the Youth Skater," "Adult Training," "The Competitive Skater," and "The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup."  By purchasing all four videos, you receive the first video at the retail price of $34.95, and the next three at a discounted price of $25.00 each!