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"Developing the Youth Skater: Digital Download

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A developing young skater does not naturally possess the balance, coordination, strength, and movement patterns necessary for the mastery of basic skating skills, jumps, and spins.  "Developing the Youth Skater" has all of the tools to improve upon these areas to become a better skater and athlete.

In “Developing the Youth Skater," a skater is given three different dircuits, each 25-40 minutes in length, depending on the repetitions and sets the skater chooses to complete.  Each exercise clip is 25-40 seconds in length and includes detailed demonstration and instruction of proper body mechanics and technique.  A skater will learn how to:
  • develop functional movement patterns
  • build core stability and balance
  • improve body awareness
  • prepare the body for the increasing demands of the sport in the years to come
  • begin plyometric training
The exercises range from simple to moderately difficult, depending on the skater’s skill level, and each exercise is progressed as the skater becomes stronger.  You choose the speed of your progressions according to your comfort level.  Three different circuits incorporating core exercises and upper and lower body strengthening exercises are instructed in detail. This video is appropriate for a beginning skater above age 7 to a skater at the preliminary level, or a skater who is very new to off-ice exercises.  A skater can progress to "The Competitve Skater" video as he/she progresses to higher skating levels.