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Sk8Strong Virtual Online Training

Mar 30, 2020

Hello skaters and coaches,
I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well in this crazy time. I am sorry if your training and your rink have been affected. Sk8Strong has seen a large uptick in skaters who are using our programs, and we want to be as accessible as possible to everyone. I will be offering virtual online training via zoom, in both a 1 on 1 format and group format. For the group format, you can form a group of skaters (3 or more), choose an exercise focus, and I will conduct a class. Class levels will run similar to our videos: youth, competitive, stretch & warmup, and adult. If you or your club is interested in more information, please contact me (Lauren) at lauren@sk8strong.com. Sk8Strong is also offering a 30% discount through tomorrow, March 31st, to alleviate the cost of our off-ice training programs during this time. The discount in April will be 20%. Please check www.sk8strong.com for discount codes. Whether you are a coach, parent, or a skater, feel free to contact me with any questions regarding home off-ice exercises, virtual training, or our programs. Stay safe and healthy, and may we all be back on the ice soon!
Lauren Downes MSPT