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How Do US National Competitors Get There?

Jan 19, 2010

At the end of an exciting US Nationals Championship week, I am reminded of the hard work and dedication it takes every national competitor to make it to the premier event of the US season. Many of these skaters possess the natural talent to qualify for this prestigious event, yet their success is a culmination of years of intense training, sacrifice, and learning.

I can guess that the vast majority of national competitors do more than just train on the ice. Many have personal physical therapists and trainers, massage therapists, etc, that they see on a regular basis. High level skating takes a tremendous toll on the body, and to compete at the highest level, a skater needs to keep his or her body in top form. This includes a periodized off-ice strengthening program, consistent stretching, massages for fatigued or often-injured muscles, and attention to proper nutrition. Their coaches have to be aware of avoiding over-training to avoid fatigue at competition time, and a skaters' training should result in peak form at Nationals.

Congratulations to all who have qualified for their respective National championship (as we have readers from MANY countries), and Sk8Strong wishes you continued success! All national competitors are eligible for a special discount at www.sk8strong.com. Contact us at lauren@sk8strong.com for more info!