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Sk8Strong Monthly Newsletters > What to Do When a Skater is Injured: Part Two
What to Do When a Skater is Injured: Part Two

Jul 16, 2010

The Second part of 'What t Do When a Skater is Injured' is now posted at www.sk8strong.com at:


It discusses injuries such an ACL tear, wrist sprains, SI joint injury, and groin strains.

July has been a busy month of Sk8Strong, as we are now present in 30 countries. We have also started a new website www.skatingtraingaids.com to make it easy to shop for the best skating training tools all in one place. All purchases are referred to www.sk8strong.com.

Don't forget to check out our menu bar with information about Sk8Strong SEMINARS AND CONSULTATION SERVICES. Lauren will travel to you to create the best possible training programs or workshops for your rink/club! Fall weekends are filling up fast!

Thanks to all for great, positive feedback with our programs!

Lauren Downes MSPT