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Sk8Strong newsletter "end of summer"

Aug 24, 2010

Hello Sk8Strong newsletter subscribers!

We hope you, your skaters, or students have had a successful summer of training, both on and off the ice. We also hope you have enjoyed our recent articles, as we will provide many more in the months to come. Some news for the month:

*All DVD sets are on sale until the end of August

*Our new offering is the addition of consultation services for those of you wishing to start up an off-ice training program at your club or rink. Please visit www.sk8strong.com/trainwithsk8strong.html for more information

*Lauren Downes MSPT will have greater availability for off-ice training seminars in the winter months. For full details, visit www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html

*We are considering added online training by skype for those who are interested. Please email Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com for more information.

*We are working on a great new DVD as an evaluation tool for coaches, parents, and skaters, to be ready for the holiday season. We also welcome suggestions for additional DVD products!

*If you haven't visited our testimonials page, and are not sure about Sk8Strong products, visit www.sk8strong.com/testimonials.html for comments from coaches, skaters, and fitness professionals.

*Adult Training DVD will be on sale for the month of September