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Sk8Strong February newsletter

Feb 13, 2011

Sk8Strong February newsletter

If you are one of our many new subscribers to Sk8Strong, welcome! We try to keep you updated with new site and off-ice training information every month, as well as send you new articles.

* I am looking for new article suggestions! Please send any article topic requests to Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com (do not reply to the listserver email). If you need something specific for your club or rink, please let me know. I recently had a request from the LA Derby Dolls (roller derby!) for an article about off-skate training for their sport, and I was happy to oblige. Any new articles will be posted at www.sk8strong.com/articles.html.

*We've seen a great response from PSA coaches to our 'Skater Evaluation" DVD and manual package, which will help skaters and coaches tremendously in a skater's progress. Both that and our other new DVD "Advanced Competitive Training" are found in our dvd catalog www.sk8strong.com/dvdcatalog.html.

*There have been an over-abundance of reports of spinal vertebrae fractures in figure skaters recently. Have you or your skater experienced this problem or have lower back pain? I'd love to hear from our readers and suggest ways to prevent lower back problems.

*I receive many questions about foot pronation and skates. Anyone who is curious about this topic can find an article addressing it in our articles page.

*Sk8Strong has several new testimonials that you can read, from skaters and coaches from different backgrounds and of different levels. Read them at www.sk8strong.com/testimonials.html. Also, our training programs are now used in 35 countries, and we now have official retailers in Canada and Sweden!

Don't forget to visit our facebook page and twitter page for updates, promotions, new articles, and fun off-ice training facts. Also check out our youtube channel for demo videos (including the Skater Evaluation) at www.youtube.com/sk8strongLD.

Thanks for reading!
Lauren Downes MSPT