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Sk8Strong May Newsletter/ training tips

May 18, 2011

It's springtime and many of you are gearing up for summer training sessions. Many of you may be attending summer camps with established off-ice training programs, and some of you may be starting up new programs for your club or rink. Just a few things to remember:
* Skaters should always be wearing proper supportive shoewear/sneakers for any off-ice strength and conditioning. This will avoid numerous injuries.
* Skaters should be in classes that are appropriate for their age and level. Trying exercises that are too difficult for a skaters' skill level also can lead to injury.
* Strength and conditioning classes should be supervised by professionals with a degree/certification in a health and exercises related field.
* Try not to work the same muscle group too hard on consecutive days. This will lead to unnecessary soreness and will be counter-productive for a skater.
* Vary off-ice workouts to include core, upper, and lower body exercises, cardio, and plyometrics. If a skater does multiple classes per week, the workout should not be the same each day.
* Taper your workouts during competition weeks.

At any time you may consult with Lauren (lauren@sk8strong.com) about starting an off-ice training program, or to assure you/your skater is doing the correct program.

Sk8Strong still has a few weeks available in the summer for off-ice training seminars or workshops. More information can be found at www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html. Book before June 15th to receive a 10% discount for all skaters attending.

Periodically check our discount page at www.sk8strong.com/discount.html for special discount codes.

I will be writing some articles in the next few months. All articles are posted on twitter and facebook, so join us there to get the most updated information!

On a personal note, my company, Attain Therapy and Fitness, was voted 'best of physical therapy' for the pioneer valley in Massachusetts! I'm very happy to be part of a great team that provides the best in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, and also helps people achieve their fitness goals!

Lauren Downes MSPT