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Sk8Strong Monthly Newsletters > Article: "The Basics of Treating Skating Injuries"
Article: "The Basics of Treating Skating Injuries"

Sep 9, 2011

A NEW article has been posted at www.sk8strong.com: "The Basics of Treating Skating Injuries". Please visit the link at: http://www.sk8strong.com/articles/article/6311334/159351.htm

Good luck to all skaters competing at the upcoming US regional championships! Be proud of the hard work that you have put into your training all season, no matter the outcome.

For those of you coming to the end of your skating season after regionals, evaluate your off-ice training programs to assure you are maximizing the most of your training. Make sure you include functional strengthening, dynamic warmups, plyometrics, and balance training. Any questions related to levels, scheduling, DVD choices, and periodization are welcome at lauren@sk8strong.com.

Do you have a success story about returning from an injury? I am collecting stories for a future article, and would love to hear your story. All submissions to lauren@sk8strong.com please.

I am booking winter seminars at this time. Select weekends fill quickly, so please send requests to me ASAP! www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html

Lauren Downes MSPT