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NEW!! Sk8Strong Skating Skill Analysis Manual

Sep 16, 2011

Sk8Strong has released a new manual for coaches and skaters: "The Skating Skill Strength and Flexibility Analysis Manual". If you are familiar with Sk8Strong's skill analyses, we've compiled all of them into one collection. Instead of analyses individually priced at $4.95 each, every analysis written is available for only $19.95. Visit this new product at the link: http://www.sk8strong.com/catalog/item/7395949/8996336.htm

A synopsis:

Every jump, spin, and skating move requires certain movement patterns to occur at every joint to be performed correctly. Three things affect these movement patterns: muscle flexibility, muscle strength, and joint mobility. Not every skater naturally possesses the strength and flexibility needed for these movements. By learning the strength and flexibility requirements throughout the body in each position of a spin, jump, or move, you can easily make corrections in a skater’s technique. By performing stretches and strengthening exercises, a skater can improve their ability to achieve the positions and technique that a coach is looking for.

This manual includes analysis of flexibility and strength requirements for all jump takeoffs, common spins, and several moves in the field. Coaches and skaters may use these analyses to recognize skaters’ anatomical faults. Simple improvements in muscle flexibility will help improve an angle of a jump takeoff, improve a spiral position, and improve center of balance in a spin. Strength improvements result in higher jumps, explosive takeoffs, improved duration and position of spins, and much more.