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Post holiday workouts?

Dec 29, 2011

Every January, I wish I owned a gym. Come January 1st, many people make their New Years resolutions. How many of you have resolved to be more fit at least once in your life? I'm picturing a large show of hands....

Jump on the bandwagon again in 2012! If you already have a set workout program, change it up, make it more difficult, and challenge yourself with something new! I have started up my blog again (after a dismal year absence) to tell you about MY new training, hopefully to motivate YOU! Check it out at Many more skating/ off-ice training posts to follow!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and the New Year brings you health and happiness. Please remember that I am always here to answer your questions about off-ice training and injuries, and I love getting your feedback about our programs. Sk8Strong has had many positive comments this year, and I appreciate them all. 2011 has been a record setting year for new members and skaters who are using our workout programs. Thank you all!

Don't forget to visit our seminar page, as spring of 2012 is booking up fast. I promise some new articles as well at

Lauren Downes MSPT