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Sk8Strong April newsletter

Apr 22, 2012

The 2011-2012 season of skating is officially over, with the culmination of the World Championships and World Team Trophy. The world's top skaters can take a break and work on preparation for next season. For many of you, that preparation began this winter, with new music, new elements, and an alteration to your off-ice training routine. Think of trying something new this season; add some new exercises, new cardio, new challenges. There's always room for you to progress with exercises. Those of you who are outgrowing our "Competitive Skater" or "Adult Training" workout may want to try our "Advanced Competitive Training" program. Some of you youth skaters may be ready to advance to the competitive off-ice training program. Don't get stuck in the same training routine if you are ready for better things. Coaches, think of getting involved with our evaluation/assessment program with "The Skater Evaluation." Here's our DVD link if you haven't visited recently: www.sk8strong.com/dvds.html. And if you have some new ideas for us, please pass them on! We're always ready for new material.

Sk8Strong has recently joined the Pinterest bandwagon. If you enjoy using our programs and are on pinterest.com (and if you're not, join!), please re-pin some of our pins to help spread the word. Our boards are up at http://pinterest.com/sk8strong/ . Once we get to 20 re-pins, we'll send out some big discount codes to some lucky re-pinners!

Congrats to the many adult Sk8Strong members who competed at the recent Adult National Championships. There are many of you using our programs, and I hope that Sk8Strong has helped you reach your goals and continue to progress. You are all champs for competing!

Don't forget to register for a Sk8Strong seminar for your club or rink. We love to travel! For more information visit www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html. Lauren from Sk8Strong can always make time for individualized assessments at seminars, and will also travel for a group of evaluations/consultations.

As always, we welcome your questions about off-ice training and injuries. Contact Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com

Happy skating and training!