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NEW! Sk8Strong Featured Athletes

Oct 9, 2012

NEW!!! Sk8Strong is starting a 'Featured Athlete' page.

Sk8Strong featured athletes are skaters who have used or are using Sk8Strong programs and show a committment to becoming a better skater through off-ice training. They are consistent with their training and their off-ice training has directly resulted in improvements in their skating ability.

Do YOU want to become a Sk8Strong featured athlete, or have someone to nominate? All featured athletes will be on this page for one month, and one lucky athlete will appear on our homepage each month! All you have to do is submit the following information to lauren@sk8strong.com: Name, age, skating level, coach, skating club, accomplishments, other sports/interests AND 1) What do you like best about Sk8Strong training programs? 2) How has Sk8Strong helped you become a better skater?. Please don't forget to send a jpeg image picture to be included on our page!! Sk8Strong will choose three athletes per month to feature.

Best of luck to skaters competing in the upcoming Regionals, and congrats to those who have competed already! Be proud of all of your hard work that went into this season's training.

Lauren Downes MSPT