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News from Sk8Strong!

Jan 22, 2013

Hello skaters, coaches, and parents,

Now that a terrific Canadian nationals ended, US Nationals week has arrived! Sk8Strong is glued to the icenetwork, are you? Make sure to appreciate the dedication and consistent training that these skaters have to qualify for this championship. Sk8Strong is excited to see that skaters who have trained with our off-ice training programs/DVDs have reached the championship at their levels. To celebrate nationals week, we offer a 10% discount off of products with the code 'Nationals2013' until the end of the competition.

We have some exciting news to share! The producers of Sk8Strong DVDs are introducing . In the spring of 2013, GymnasticStrong strength and conditioning DVDs will be available for purchase. Similar to the Sk8Strong series, the gymnastic programs will focus on sport specific strengthening while helping gymnasts prevent injury. Please share our website with your gymnastic friends and coaches, and spread the word!

Sk8Strong is happy that our off-ice training/injury based articles have reached a large percentage of the skating world. We love hearing your feedback and suggestions about future article topics. Please send yours to Below are links to our most popular articles:

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Happy skating!