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Sk8Strong April News

Apr 11, 2013

Hello skaters, parents, and coaches,

I hope the spring skating season is treating you well! As the spring competition season approaches, make sure to taper your off-ice training routines the week of a competition to avoid muscle soreness and fatigue. Schedule your strength training sessions accordingly to get the most effective workout and competition program. If you haven't added dynamic warmups (hint, no or little static stretching!) to your pre-competition routine, it's not too late to start. From Sk8Strong's Ultimate Dynamic Warmup DVD (www.sk8strong.com/catalog/item/7395949/7718815.htm), you can create an effective warmup of any length, to make you competition ready before your on-ice warmup. And don't forget to evaluate your nutrition habits the night before and the day of a competition. Check out our nutritionist database www.sk8strong.com/nutritionists.html to contact some great nutritionists for advice. Definately not my expertise!

We are still looking for some motivated people to become Sk8Strong representatives to earn commission from Sk8Strong sales. Currently we have representatives in Australia, Holland, and Canada, and would love more excellent people on staff! Please email me at lauren@sk8strong.com for more information. Those of you with a website or even just an email account are welcome to join in our affiliate program to earn commission from online sales. For more info, visit www.sk8strong.com/becomeanaffiliate.html.

GymnasticStrong DVD filming is underway this weekend, and we hope to have a full set of DVDs for gymnasts out by June 2013. Please pass along the info to any gymnastic families you know, and visit www.gymnasticstrong.com for more info.

And now that we're doing some more filming..... send us your suggestions of what you would like to see from Sk8Strong! We'd love ideas for new DVDs.

Always remember to check the Sk8Strong discount page for new codes to save yourself a little extra money! www.sk8strong.com/discount.html

We wish you all a great competition season, and I hope to have new articles posted soon!

Lauren Downes MSPT