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Preventing Faulty Knee Mechanics in Figure Skating

Mar 28, 2014

We've added a new article at Sk8Strong, "Preventing Faulty Knee Mechanics in Figure Skating". Learn about ways to prevent knee injury and how lower extremity mechanics, flexibility, and strength affect the knee joint. Link: http://www.sk8strong.com/articles/article/6311334/177681.htm

We hope you have enjoyed the Olympics and World Championships and are preparing for the upcoming competitive season. Remember, you can always contact me at Sk8Strong with any off-ice training or injury related questions.

Sk8Strong is now booking seminars for June, July, and August. Host a seminar at your club or rink: www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html. We are excited to be visiting Conway Arena in New Hampshire in April!

Happy skating!
Lauren Downes MSPT