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New Sk8Stromg Affiliate Program/Fall Seminars

Aug 30, 2014

Sk8Strong fall seminar dates are booking fast! Host one for your club, rink, or synchro team. Your skaters will learn about every aspect of off-ice training, and you can tailor the classes to suit your skaters' needs. Www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html.

Sk8Strong is excited to announce it has started a new affiliate program, giving you the ability to earn commissions from Sk8Strong product sales. How does this work? Sign up, and you receive a personalized code linked to our all new banner and text link ads. Put them on your website, Facebook, twitter page, or emails to generate www.sk8strong.com traffic, and receive a percentage of each sale. Quick and easy! Find out more info here: www.sk8strong.com/becomeanaffiliate.html.