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Sk8Strong happenings & Skate America discount

Oct 25, 2014

Hello skaters and coaches,

Congrats to all skaters who competed at the recent US Regional Championships, and a special congrats to the skaters who were lucky and talented enough to qualify for Sectionals! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it that far.

For those of you spending some down time after Regionals, check out our periodization article to plan your off-ice training program for the upcoming season. http://www.sk8strong.com/articles/article/6311334/147911.htm.

Sk8Strong will most likely be hosting a seminar in the Springfield, MA area in January or February. Please email me at lauren@sk8strong.com if you interested in attending, and I will put you on our email list. Sk8Strong is always able to book seminars for your club or rink. www.sk8strong.com/seminarinformation.html.

We're offering a 20% discount at www.sk8strong.com/dvdcatalog.html this weekend in honor of the start of the Grand Prix season. Use code 'SA2014' Saturday and Sunday 10/25-10/26.

I've started a off-ice training and injury discussion group on skatingforums.com for anyone who is interested in posting a question. Here is the link to the thread: http://skatingforums.com/index.php?topic=6245.0

Thanks for reading! New articles coming soon!
Lauren Downes MSPT