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NEW book from Sk8Strong! Check it out...

Mar 16, 2015

Lauren Downes, MSPT from Sk8Strong has finished a new book for coaches and figure skaters, "The Figure Skater's Guide to Injuries and Biomechanics"!

We are excited to bring you this new product! It is now available in full color downloadable format, and Sk8Strong is now taking pre-orders for hard-copies (in binder format), that will be shipped at the beginning of April. Please visit www.sk8strong.com/books.html for more information and read the description below.

Written by Sk8Strong's Lauren Downes, MSPT, this 90 page guide will provide skaters and coaches with a physical therapist's view on injuries, biomechanics, corrective and warmup exercises, and more! Learn in depth information about over fifteen different common injuries: patellar tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, hip labral tears, lumbar disc herniations, lumbar spondylolisthesis, thoracic spine injuries, ankle sprains and tendonitis, IT Band tightness, hip bursitis, plantar fascitis, patellofemoral syndrome, groin strains, hamstring strains, stress fractures, and compartment syndrome. Learn how these injuries will relate to and affect skaters, their common symptoms, and treatment techniques. Two chapters are devoted solely to injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, and another will teach you the anatomy and muscle information that you need to know to improve your body awareness and your skating. Once you are able to recognize the relationship of these muscles and their function to skating, Lauren will take you through each jump, several spins, and basic skating positions and give you the necessary information to recognize where flexibility and strength can improve your technique. Coaches will learn how to spot flexibility and strength deficits in these elements, then can refer to the 'corrective exercise' chapter to develop an exercise program specifically for each skater. See lasting improvement in technique in just weeks! Finally, Lauren has included a dynamic warmup review to promote injury prevention. This guide is designed for coaches, skaters, and health professionals as a complete reference tool to help skaters stay healthy and achieve the technique to consistently improve their skating.