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NEW skating training tool at Sk8Strong!

Nov 17, 2016

I am excited to announce that Sk8Strong has a new on-ice training tool in its catalog! I discovered this new product, the 'Power Twist' and fell in love with its concept. This will make a great holiday gift for your skater or coach! Here's some more info and the link to our catalog:


Powertwist is designed for beginning to world champion skaters to teach skaters correct positioning during jumps, landing positions and spins while also strengthening the shoulders, arms, abdominals and core muscles.

Power Twist training tool will help you develop your skating technique

Increase rotation speed
Cheated jumps?
Train your arms and core muscles
Correct upper body positioning
Stronger landings
See when skater achieves correct position when light is on
Strengthen and train muscles at the same time

Using the Powertwist to develop these muscles has many benefits. A well-developed upper body and core offers balance, stability, and correct poster. As well as minimizing risk of injury as you execute jumps, landing positions, and other skating elements.

Creating correct upper body positions with the Powertwist assists in faster rotations and stronger landings.

There are two resistance bands which attach with a clip to the back of the Powertwist. The bands can easily be shortened to increase resistance. Depending on technique and what you are trying to accomplish the bands may be placed in different positions. The power twist will come with two single strand cords. You have the option to purchase additional double strand cords, for additional resistance.
Skaters often struggle at the end of programs to complete elements with the same correct positioning, speed, quickness and power they had at the beginning. By targeting skating specific muscles with the you train these muscles to perform longer. As you become stronger you can add a second band to make it more difficult (practice on your own risk!).

I love this new product, and hope you will too!
Lauren Downes MSPT