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Sk8Strong's Off-Ice Training Professional Database

Welcome to Sk8Strong's off-ice trainer database.  Our goal is to provide the skating community with a listing of professionals involved in off-ice training for skaters who have a degree in the health/exercise related field and/or a respected strength and conditioning certification.  It is important for a skater to work with a qualified professional who has the knowledge of correct body mechanics and exercise prescription.  Ther are many continuing education courses available in the strength and conditioning field, and many qualified trainers further their education through these courses.  For more information on how to apply for a listing, CLICK HERE.  We have also added a section for certified pilates instructors.

College degrees: DPT: Doctorate in physical therapy, MSPT: Masters in Physical Therapy, ATC: Athletic Trainer

Certifications: CSCS: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NASM/PES: Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine


Name: Donna Burden Flowers
City/State: Los Gatos, CA
Contact: donna@flowers1998.com, (408) 373-6392 cell, (408) 395-8851
Degrees/Certifications: BA in exercise physiology 1985, MPT 1987, Certification: National Athletic Trainers Association 1986,PT/ATC for USFSA at the Nagano and Salt Lake City Olympics
Specialties: rehab, pilates, off-ice training, on-ice strengthening
Name: Sandy Schaad
City/State: San Jose, CA
Degrees/Certifications: MA in kinesiology 2007, BA in dance 2003 (both SJSU), certified USA weightlifting sports performance coach, Stott Piilates trained
Specialties: sports performance, pilates
Name: Wendy Dutch
City/State: Atlanta, Georgia
Contact Information: dutchperformance@gmail.com
Degree/Cert: BS in Exercise Science 2000, CSCS
Specialties: Sport specific functional training, off-ice conditioning and flexibility programs
Name: Andrew Voris
City/State: Glen Ellyn, IL
Contact: voris56@gmail.com, (630)865-8573, www.bodyformpersonaltraining.com
Certifications: Certified personal trainer by NASM
Specialties: injury prevention
Name: Stephen Conca, owner of Conca Sport and Fitness
City/State: West Springfield, MA
Contact: 304-2350, info@concasportandfitness.com
Degrees/certifications: BS in Exercise and Sports Science, NASM/PES, CSCS
Specialties: youth and adult sports-performance training
Name: Meg Hughes
City/State: Boston, MA
Contact: meg@dormworkout.com, (802) 274-0119
Degrees/Certifications: BS in Health Science, NASM CPT and PES, AFAA group exercise
Specialties: sport specific and performance training, off-ice conditioning
Name: Dan McGovern
City/state: Cohasset, MA
Contact: dan@sport-rx.com, (617)838-2776
Degrees/certifications: DPT, SCS, CSCS, ATC
Specialties: sports medicine, injury prevention
Name: Lauren Downes
City/State: Longmeadow, MA
Degrees/certifications: BS in health sciences 1998, MSPT 1999, both Boston University
Specialties: sports medicine, injury prevention, sport specific functional training
Name: Robyn Knutson Bueling
City/State: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Contact: Robyn.knutson.bueling@parknicollet.com OR dr_robyn@hotmail.com
Degrees/certifications: MS Kinesiology (Exercise physiology & biomechanics), University of North Dakota, 2003, MD, University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences, 2008
Specialties: Currently in Family Medicine Residency, specializing in adolescent & sports medicine
Name: Jennifer Miller
City/State: Rochester, MN
Contact: (608) 213-0019
Degrees/certifications: BS in Kinesiology 2002, MS in Exercise Physiology 2004, ACE certified personal trainer
Specialties: core strengthening and nutrition
Name: Greg Sparks
City/State: Portland, Oregon
Degrees/certifications: BS in Biology 1995, NASM PES, CPT, CES
Name: Lauren Hunt
City/State: Greenville SC
Contact: (864) 787-1076, jghuntjr@bellsouth.net
Certifications: Certified personal trainer through NASM, CSCS
Specialties: continuing education in youth fitness
Name: Dick Storie
City/State: Nashville, TN
Degrees: B.Ed in Human Performance, Athletic Training 1985, MS Exercise Physiologoy and Kinesiology 1987
Name: Trent Nessler
City/State: Nashville, TN
Degrees: BS in Exercise Physiology, MPT and DPT
Specialties: Injury prevention and rehab, sports medicine, athletic performance improvement
Name: Margie Weiss
City/State: McLean, VA
Contact: www.bodybyweiss.com, margieweiss@cox.net, (703) 675-1553
Degrees/Certifications: BA, AFAA, AAAI, IFPA
Specialties: training figure skaters, inline skaters, and hockey players.
Name: Linda Ross, Fit Mind-Body Concepts
City/State: Covington, WA (*trains in greater Seattle-Tacoma area)
lindaross@mindspring.com, (253) 670-1152, www.youtube.com/lindafmb
Degrees/Certifications: PhD in Psychology (Behavior Analysis), MS in Kinesiology (Exercise Science), NSCA-CSCS, ACE and AFAA group fitness/exercise
Specialties: sport specific and performance training, off-ice conditioning, sport psychology, group fitness, virtual coaching
Name: Susie Christensen
State: Wisconsin
Contact: www.performersadvantage.com, (262) 353-6544

Degrees/Certifications: ATC, CSCS, Certified Pilates Instructor
Specialties: Off-Ice Conditioning
Name: Michelle Zurawski
City and Province: Winnipeg, MB
Contact information: mzurawski@hotmail.com
Degrees and Certifications: Masters in Exercise Science, 2009, Edith Cowan University (Perth, WA, Australia); Bachelor's of Exercise and Sport Science (Major: Athletic Therapy); Member of Golden Key Academic Honour Society for completing my Master's in the top 15% across all programs, undergrad and graduate. Canadian Athletic Therapist (Certified) [or CAT(C)] and CSCS 

Certified Pilates Instructors

Name: Violet Eagan

City/State: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: www.violeteagan.com, 347-249-5120

Certifications: Pilates and Gyrotonics Instructor, Master Rated fiigure skating professional