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Sk8Strong's  Services, Seminars, and Products
Sk8Strong offers several services and products to enhance your off-ice training program and prevent injuries..


Sk8Strong offers a variety of interactive seminars covering several off-ice training topics. Combine several topics to make a full day workshop.  Host a seminar at your very own rink!

Individualized assessments and off-ice training

Sk8Strong offers personalized assessments with our experienced professionals to develop an off-ice training program that caters to your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  Interested in one-on-one or group training on a regular basis?  Click the link above...

Video Analysis

Are you looking for a personalized off-ice training program and can't travel to meet with Sk8Strong?  Is your current program not fulfilling your needs?  Do you know if you are doing the right exercises to improve your skating skills?  Sk8Strong Video Analysis may be your answer...

Video Downloads

Sk8Strong provides a collection of video downloads that you can purchase and play right on your computer.  Don't miss out on the latest exercise techniques!  Check back periodically for additional downloads.

Skill Analysis

This is a great tool for both coaches and skaters.  Are you, or is your student having difficulty with a certain jump or spin?  Are you unable to get your body to do what your coach tell you to do?  Does your student have trouble attaining a certain position?  Learn how every muscle and joint affects the performance of a skill, and how to compensate for flexibility and strength imbalances!

Off-Ice Trainer Database

Are you looking for a qualified professional off-ice trainer in your area?  Visit Sk8Strong's off-ice trainer database to find a trainer with a degree and respected certification in your area.

Nutritionist Database

Sk8Strong has just added a nutritionist database to our website.  Healthy eating habits and proper nutrition are an integral part of a skater's training routine and achieving optimal athletic performance.