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 Our off-ice training method includes functional exercises, plyometrics, core stabilization, and more. With the use of balance boards, foam rolls, sport cords, therabands, medicine balls, and physioballs, skaters can take their training to the next level while having fun.  For recommended exercise equipment CLICK HERE. Many of the exercises involve a level of innovation and creativity that is not achieved with a weight machine.  When using a weight machine, a skater typically is working one muscle group at a time.  When you skate, you incorporate the contraction of several muscle groups together to create stability and movement. Sk8Strong's exercises have significant functional caryrover to the moves that a skater performs, as these exercises will strengthen several muscle groups at once and build single leg stability.  Sk8Strong can open your eyes to a whole new way of training while promoting injury prevention and improved body alignment.  The exercises range from basic to very demanding; the skater chooses the level of difficulty. By adding the balance tools and progressing levels of sport cords, each exercise becomes more challenging as the skater’s balance and strength progresses.   What's even better- you can do the exercises in the comfort of your own home, without having to follow a class or gym schedule.

Instead of giving you a random assortment  of exercises to choose from, we have carefully structured each strength training DVD into three circuits, each of which contains 3 core exercises, 2-3 upper body exercises, and 3 lower body exercises.  The exercises are divided to focus on a total body workout in each circuit, to prevent overuse of a certain muscle on a single day.  The circuits can be completed on a rotating basis; therefore you will never get bored doing the same workout each time. Sk8Strong will also teach you the safe way to complete off-ice plyometric exercises, focusing on lower extremity mechanics and power development.

Also available is Sk8Strong's 'Dynamic Warm-up' DVD, to complement any of the strength and conditioning DVDs.  It will teach you a full pre-competition or pre-practice dynamic stretching routine to prepare your muscles to skate, and prevent injuries which occur when a skater is not properly warmed up.  Dynamic stretching is the preferred method of stretching versus static, as it increases blood flow to muscles and tissue temperature.