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Solutions to Shopping Cart Problems

Occasionally, customers may experience problems with our shopping cart, such as the page freezing or appearing empty when adding an item.  Here are several solutions to alleviate your problem and make your shopping with Sk8Strong easier.

1) There is too much stored memory in your computer.  Delete cookies and temporary internet files from your browser.  Typically, at your menu bar, you will go to tools>options>browsing history- delete temporary files.  If that does not work, try enabling cookies.

2) The checkout process may be affected by your antivirus software,  or a firewall in your computer. 

3) You have reached www.sk8strong.com through a link from another site (especially www.figureskating.about.com, facebook, etc.)  or from a search engine.   Occasionally these domain names will mask the sk8strong.com domain, and will affect the checkout process.  Enter our site by directly typing www.sk8strong.com onto your browser.

4) E-commerce sites may be uncompatible with your browser.  Try entering www.sk8strong.com from a different browser.

If you have tried these options and continue to experience problems, please call (413)262-7053 if you wish to order by phone.  Also go to www.sk8strong.com/howtoorder.html for more information about simple email ordering, or you may purchase Sk8Strong DVDs directly through www.myskatingmall.com in the training aid/tools section, or throught the online catalog at www.skatepsa.com. Thank you!