Lauren's Figure Skating Skill Analysis

How does my tight hip affect my lutz jump?  Can I make my spiral higher?  Why can't my student get into new spin variation positions?  Does my alignment affect my jumps?  Here are your answers.......

Each month, Lauren breaks down and analyzes a skating move and teaches you how strength and flexibility gains or deficits will affect its performance quality.  Each joint is thoroughly analyzed in a written format (This is not a DVD!).  Take the analysis with you to the rink and find the solution to a problem you or your skater may be having.  A great tool for coaches to evaluate your students' strengths and weaknesses!

Get your first skill analysis by clicking on this link►, "The Breakdown of the Axel Takeoff" for FREE!

The following analyses are available for the price of $4.95 

 The Breakdown of the Lutz Takeoff  

 The Breakdown of the Salchow Takeoff 

 The Breakdown of the Spiral: (Focus on Senior Moves Pattern)

 The Breakdown of the Toe Loop Takeoff 

 The Breakdown of the Junior Moves in the Field Choctaw Pattern 

 The Breakdown of the Layback Spin 

 The Breakdown of the Loop Takeoff 

 The Breakdown of the Flip Takeoff

 The Breakdown of the Pancake Spin  

 The Breakdown of the Biellman Spin

 The Breakdown of the Sit Spin

 The Breakdown of the Spread Eagle and Ina Bauer

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