Training and Consultation Services


Sk8Strong's professionals are available for individual assessments and one-on-one or group off-ice training sessions to personalize your training experiences and give your off-ice training program a supervised edge.

Lauren Downes, MSPT, owner of Sk8Strong, is available to travel for seminars, assessments, and consulting.   For more information about Sk8Strong training, contact Lauren at (413)262-7053 or at

PRIVATE OR GROUP TRAINING  Private sessions may include use of the Off-Ice Edge Trainer, a revolutionary new tool that has become a useful addition to Lauren's off-ice training program.  Also included in private or group sessions are plyometric, functional strength training, core, and flexibility exercises that are figure-skating specific.  Incorporate the use of balance boards, medicine and physioballs, sport cords, foam rolls, hurdles, and more to make training a beneficial but fun experience.

Training is also available at Attain Therapy and Fitness in East Longmeadow, Ma with strength and conditioning specialists, bridging the gap between injury and performance.

INDIVIDUALIZED FITNESS PROGRAM ASSESSMENTS  Lauren conducts individualized assessments to develop a personalized exercise program and determine a skaters' strengths, weaknesses, and alignment issues.  Skaters will receive a program specific to their deficits and weaknesses, as well as a copy of the Sk8Strong manual and discount on Sk8Strong DVDs.   Lauren is based in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and will travel for a group of skaters or club who is interested in individualized assessments, or you may schedule an appointment in Connecticut. Please visit our   video analysis   page for more information about how you can receive a a personalized exercise program by sending Lauren a video of your skating and other functional tests.

OFF-ICE TRAINING CONSULTING SERVICES  Lauren is available as a consultant to you, your rink, or your club to develop a comprehensive, top-notch off-ice training program for your skaters. Sk8Strong will travel to your rink, or provide phone consultations to help you develop a program suitable for your skaters.

For information about Lauren's interactive seminars and workshops,   CLICK HERE  

Stephen Conca, NASM-PES, helped with the direction of Sk8Strong DVDs, and is the director of strength and conditioning at Conca Sport and Fitness in West Springfield, MA.  He provides programs for athletes of all levels in personal or group settings.  For more information about Conca Sport and Fitness programs, contact Steve at (413) 351-5266