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Sk8Strong Strength and Flexibility Video Analysis

How does this work?  Send Sk8Strong a video of your program and a functional movement screen.  We will analyze your movement patterns, flexibility, and strength, and in return you will receive:

1) A detailed explanation of your flexibility and strength deficits and how they will affect certain jumps, spins, and skating moves.

2) An anatomy review of areas of the body which are found to be inflexible or weak

3) Development of an off-ice training program to prevent injury, increase flexibility and increase strength to improve upon the evaluation findings.  You will receive a weekly log to follow the training program.

4) Your choice of Sk8Strong DVD: "The Competitive Skater," "Adult Training," or "Developing the Youth Skater"

5) A phone consultation with Lauren to discuss your training program.


All of the above is included in the price of $149.95 + shipping

 Scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase your video analysis or mail a check of $154.95 , then follow these 3 steps:


1) Videotape your program and any elements you have difficulty with 

2) Click on document below; print and fill out questionnare completely

3) Follow the instructions to complete the functional movement screen                                                                           


There are several options to send your video analysis information.  We accept the video on DVD or as a file on a CD.  File formats accepted include avi, mpeg, vob, wmv.  No quick time files please.

1 )Mail the above to:  Lauren Downes, 172 Cambridge Circle, Longmeadow, MA 01106  -or-

2) You may send files over the internet using www.yousendit.com or through Google drive.  You may send up to 100 MB for free through yousendit, and there are no fees through Google drive.  Files and questionnare should be sent to lauren@sk8strong.com.

Please allow up to two weeks from receipt of your videos for us to complete your evaluation!

Video analysis