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Core Stability Training DVD

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Figure skating is a sport that requires an intense amount of core stability and strength.  Without core stability, a skater would have difficulty centering spins, completing footwork patterns, and most important: landing and rotating jumps.  This DVD includes a core exercise program that will take you from beginner to advanced stabilization exercises which will improve upon all of the above and more.  There is minimal equipment required (a 55-65 inch physioball and a sport cord/ theraband) for the complete core training progression specifically designed for figure skaters.

If a core exercise program is all that you are looking for, without the additional lower and upper body functional strengthening, this is the DVD for you.  It is not recommended to add this item to your shopping cart if you plan to purchase "Adult Training" or "The Competitive Skater," as many exercises overlap.  If you are purchasing this DVD in addition to "Developing the Youth Skater," enter 'corediscount' promotional code upon checkout to recieve $5 off of this DVD.  Both items must be added to the shopping cart for this discount to apply.