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Sk8Strong has updated its membership system to give you more information than ever!  Become a member and gain access to skill analyses, injury reports, training tips, and a growing collections of exercise instructions.  Become a better coach, stronger skater and more.....  Membership is lifetime; no automatic renewals!

 Benefits include:

  • 15% off all Sk8Strong purchases (discount code will be emailed to you following purchase of membership)
  • Injury prevention and treatment reports: how you can become painfree, train better, and stay healthy!
  • Learn new exercise techniques to make you stronger, faster, and fitter!
  • *Most Popular* Skating Skill analysis: breakdowns of skating moves and how flexibility and strength affect their quality and performance: Improve your skating and coaching skills!
  • Training tips from the pros:  Learn how to maximize your training, no matter your schedule!
  • NEW Access to a members only message board, where you can ask Sk8Strong questions and share your off-ice training and injury experiences

Sk8Strong has previously offered membership at $6.95 per month, for a total of $84 per year.  Join now and receive the entire membership package for only $49.95. Gain access to all membership information distributed over the past 2 years and more, and enjoy exclusive members only articles throughout the year...

For payment with credit card or paypal, scroll below.  Please open your order confirmation email, as it will give you instructions to receive your password and discount code.  If you pay with paypal, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours

Membership to Sk8Strong

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Please allow 24 hours to receive your password to access Sk8Strong's membership page.