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Sk8Strong Premium 4-Digital Download Set

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Sk8Strong's Premium 4 video set includes all four Sk8Strong video products: "Developing the Youth Skater," "Adult Training," "The Competitive Skater," and "The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup."  By purchasing all four videos, you receive the first video at the retail price of $34.95, and the next three at a discounted price of $25.00 each! 

In “Developing the Youth Skater,” young skaters will learn how to:
·        develop functional movement patterns
·         build core stability and balance
·         improve body awareness
·         prepare the body for the increasing demands of the sport in the   years to come
The exercises range from simple to moderately difficult, depending on the skater’s skill level, and each exercise is progressed as the skater becomes stronger.  This video is appropriate for a beginning skater above age 7 to a skater at the preliminary level.
In “The Competitive Skater,” skaters are given three different circuits that incorporate:
·        functional lower and upper body exercise progressions
·        advanced core stabilization and balance challenges
·        plyometric training
 The exercises can be progressed from a skilled to highly advanced level with the use of medicine and stability balls, sport cords, foam rolls, and balance boards and discs. The challenge levels are endless!  This video is appropriate for the skater at or above the pre-juvenile level, the competitive skater, an adult skater under the age of 30, or a skater who is experienced with exericise training.
In “Adult Training,” adult skaters are given three different circuits which incorporate:
·        functional lower and upper body exercise progressions
·        core stabilization and balance exercises
·        basic plyometric training
 What makes it different from our other videos? Adult skaters can be more prone to injury and have musculoskeletal conditions not seen in younger athletes. Sk8Strong’s “Adult Training” includes training tips for skaters with the most common musculoskeletal diagnoses.  This video is appropriate for the recreational or competitive adult skater.
In “The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup,” skaters of all levels and ages will learn a pre-competition and pre-practice warmup that will prepare every muscle for the demands of skating. The exercises can even be performed on a daily basis! What are the benefits of dynamic exercise?
·        quickly increased blood flow to muscles and joints
·         improved mobility
·        significantly reduced risk of injury by taking each muscle and joint through its full range of motion
 You’ll never want to do static stretches before you skate again!  This video is appropriate for skaters of all levels, ability, and ages.  It will complement all other videos for the complete off-ice training program!