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Axel Jump Skill Analysis

Oct 21, 2010

Some people have told me that our 'Skill Analysis' section of Sk8Strong is difficult to find, and with so much content on our site, I agree. I have put together skill analyses for numerous jumps and spins, which breakdown the flexibility and strength needs of certain muscles and joint during the position in the takeoff or spin. If you haven't visited our free skill analysis, 'The Breakdown of the Axel Takeoff', go to:


Our skill analyses page is at www.sk8strong.com/skillanalyses.html


Expect new DVDs "The Skater Evaluation" and "Advanced Comptitive Training" to be ready for the holidays. More info to follow!

Congrats to all Regionals competitors and those who qualified for Sectionals and Jr. Nationals!

Lauren Downes MSPT