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Sk8Strong June newsletter

Jun 7, 2012

Almost time for summer training! For those of you traveling to camps over the summer, make the most out of your experience by trying some new classes, both on and off ice. It's always beneficial to get fresh ideas and find something new that works for you. Don't forget to be consistent with your strength and conditioning; it will help you develop muscle memory and avoid delayed onset muscle soreness. For cardio, try some jump roping or slideboard training, or interval training on a spin bike (where you alternate sitting and standing).

I've been getting a lot of injury related questions lately, to which I always try to provide the best answers. There are many injuries that can be prevented by doing consistent strengthening and flexibility training. I encourage all skaters to be evaluated by the proper health care professional (i.e. phyiscal therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, kinesiologist). If you know what your deficits are, your program should focus on these areas to prevent muscle strains and joint problems. Each skater's body is different from the next skater's, and although a skater may be generally very strong, there could be one muscular weakness or tightness that could cause pain. Sk8Strong designed 'The Skater Evaluation' to assist the skating community in evaluating these issues, and many in the skating community have benefitted from the testing in this program.

Don't forget to check the Sk8Strong discount page periodically for new codes at www.sk8strong.com/discount.html. There is one use per code, and they go fast!

I am working on adding more training videos to the Sk8Strong youtube channel. Check back at www.youtube.com/Sk8StrongLD every so often.

As always, I love answering all of your great off-ice training and injury related questions! Feel free to send them to lauren@sk8strong.com

And for those of you who like to follow-up on my adventures in running, I just finished my second 10K, shaving 5 minutes off of my time from the first! Such a different feeling from a skating competition, and a great high!

Happy summer training!
Lauren Downes MSPT